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Regrinding service

We would particularly like to highlight our regrinding service.

The repair- and/or regrinding-service include the following achievement:

Die sinking cutters, conically and cylindrically in rough, smooth and semi-smooth finish; end mills, in rough, smooth and semi-smooth finish; shell end mills, in rough, smooth and semi-smooth finish;
plus all tools shown in the catalogue, including custom tools.

The pricing depends on a time and materials basis according to the work performed, e.g.

  • Flute cutting edge re-sharpening
  • Front cutting edge re-sharpening
  • Milling cutter shortened and face re-serrated
  • Ball nose cutter reground in the area of the ball
  • Ball nose cutter shortened, a new ball fitted and re-serrated
  • Take advantage of our regrinding service

Only tools reground by the experts fulfill the tasks that are asked of them.



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The new Hachenbach General Catalogue 23 is here!

Our new general catalogue version 23 is now available and can be downloaded. Here you will find our complete range of milling tools plus cutting parameters and further links. Do you have any questions? Contact us - we will help you.

Hachenbach general catalogue 23 (DE-EN) Hachenbach general catalogue 23 (DE-EN)